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Mikaela Sinclair Brandon

Photo by Luc Jean-Baptiste

Mikaela S. Brandon (She/her), originally from Warren, NJ, is a freelance artist, dancer, and choreographer. She began formal dance training at the age of three at Washington Rock Dance under the mentorship of Cleo Mack. She furthered her education at Fordham University/The Ailey School, where she received her BFA in Dance with a minor in Psychology. Mikaela was the 2018-2019 recipient of the Denise Jefferson Memorial Scholarship, and was afforded the opportunity to perform Alvin Ailey’s work, Memoria, at New York City Center in 2017, as well as Robert Battle’s work, Battlefield (excerpt) in the 2018 Ailey Spirit Gala at David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. She also assisted choreographer, Bradley Shelver, in setting his original work, Where There Are Tongues, on Alvin Ailey’s second company, Ailey II, in 2018. 

Mikaela Sinclair presented original choreography at the Ailey Citigroup Theater for three consecutive years (2017-2019). Her work has been described as powerful, meaningful and thought-provoking. She seeks to demonstrate the rawness of the human experience, through strong emotion, connection, and partnering work. She aims to bring to light the truth, so often tucked away in the darkness. Her choreographed works have included the following: And They Have Escaped the Weight (2016), Common Ground (2017), tri (2017), Void // Turn (2018), Materfamilias (2019), and EN MASSE (2019), all of which were presented at the Ailey Citigroup Theater as a part of various student choreography performances.

Mikaela has been a faculty member for the Ailey School Junior Division Program, the Dance Theatre of Harlem School, and the Hubbard Street Youth Education Program in Chicago, IL. In 2017, she traveled abroad to Guatemala with JUNTOS Collective, an organization founded by a fellow Ailey/Fordham BFA alumnus to cultivate international community through dance and outreach. Most recently, Mikaela is a Springboard Danse Montréal alumnus (2019), and has completed Hubbard Street’s Professional Program (HSPro) under the direction of Alexandra Wells (2019-2020). 

Ms. Brandon has worked closely with artists such as Jennifer Archibald, Gregory Dolbashian, Peter Chu, Adam Barruch, Bobbi Jene Smith, and Troy Ogilvie, amongst others. In addition to her work as a performer and educator, Mikaela is a creative at heart. She seeks to explore her role as an artist, activist, and all around human being. She practices yoga, finds healing in nature, and is currently in the process of writing a book. Mikaela is interested in how we can have a greater, more holistic, interdisciplinary impact on the world through the cultivation of personal practice and study. She believes that Life is here for us to breathe, create, and share our stories. “I have learned to stop needing the answers, and instead, I have learned to listen.”

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color? Too Many To Choose
  • I can say the alphabet backwards.
  • My favorite color is actually Black.

Headshot captured by Natalia M. Roberts

If we want to eat new fruit, we must plant new trees.

Mikaela S. Brandon

Photo Credits:

Left: Natalia M. Roberts

Top Right: Nir Arieli

Bottom Right: Amina Lydias-Vargas

Header Image: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon. Photo by Luck Jean-Baptiste. Headshot: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon. Photo by Mariah Gravelin. Gallery Photo Left: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon with MDP Dancers. Photo by Mariah Gravelin. Top Right Photo: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon. Photo by Natalia M. Roberts. Center Right: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon rehearsing EN MASSE at the Ailey School. Photo by Amina Vargas. Bottom Right: Associate AD Mikaela S. Brandon. Photo by Luck Jean-Baptiste.