The Company

McKoy Dance Project || MDP is a nonprofit contemporary dance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Lead by Founder and Executive Artistic Director Derick McKoy, Jr, and Associate Artistic Director Mikaela S. Brandon, the company employs a diverse group of arts leaders and innovators who are passionate about telling realistic stories of our experiences. MDP’s first performance in 2019 involved a collaboration with the Opus 87 Piano Quartet on an evening length ballet called “Looking Out: A Stonewall Memorial.” Since then, the company has produced and premiered a feature film and performed around various venues in the NYC metropolitan area. During the summer of 2021, the company received a special invitation to perform on Juneteenth, now the eleventh federally recognized holiday and the first in 38 years. MDP seeks to be a trustworthy and equitable platform geared towards providing opportunities for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Mission: In order to mirror the experiences we live through today, MDP’s mission is to empower one another and marginalized communities by blending authentic stories, arts programming, and accessible events to strengthen community relationships and support systems. It is important to us that we foster connection and healing by diving head-first into works that are sensitive and conscious of the inequities and trauma built into our society.

MDP Directors and Dancers. Photo by Mariah Gravelin

The company was founded on five pillars which we strategize around and track our progress:

  • To create jobs: for the choreographers who seek opportunities to create; for the dancer who only want to show you their world; for me to tell my story
  • To inspire and touch, to share with one another: for those who seek a deeper investigation into life. Dance touches that which we cannot fully conceptualize yet. It gifts a closer connection with the intangible and sometimes indescribable.
  • To give purpose: to create interest and conversation with topics that surround us.
  • To create leaders: charging each other to move into action.
  • To heal: recover from traumas and pain (conscious and unconscious).

MDP is Hope. MDP is vision.

We are a culmination of reflection, celebration and triumph.

  • November 25th, 2019

    McKoy Dance Project || MDP’s debut performance. The company presented the evening length ballet, “Looking Out: A Stonewall Memorial” with the Opus 87 Piano Quartet

  • October 10th, 2020

    McKoy Dance Project || MDP becomes incorporated

  • April 16th, 2021

    Premiere of MDP’s Feature Film, “These Stars Are Something Heavy

  • May 22nd, 2021

    Hush” premieres as part of the Nimbus Arts Festival at the completion of a five-week residency

  • June 19th, 2021

    MDP performs “Hush” on Juneteenth at the Jamaica Dance Festival